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Meet Me

Hello! My Name is Bridgette and I am the founder of Stripped Fitness, health for people who rock!  I love lifting weights, cooking new healthy recipes, my dog bruce, crystals, a good brownie, god and helping others.

To give you a little insight on what led me to where I am today:

In college I had a tough time balancing life, trying to stay on top of hard classes, partaking in
extracurricular activities, and maintaining a social life made things feel BUSY, leading me to believe I had little or no time to enjoy a “healthy” lifestyle.  When I stopped making my health a priority and focused more on the superficial aspects of my life I realized that everything else around me was being negatively impacted.  Q89A5757-EditI gained weight, had a lack of energy, and a low self-esteem. These feelings are what pushed me to lose weight and so I began working out twice a day and eating a strict 1400 calorie diet. When I finally lost the weight after restricting myself for so long I still felt unsatisfied. No matter how much weight I lost I was constantly worried about everything I ate, being skinny felt TOO hard.

I eventually put all my college weight back on and slipped back into my old habits.  It was on my graduation day when my dad came to see me that realized that I needed to make a change or that I would soon be trailing in his footsteps. My dad was a textbook example of a “crash dieter”. Once he was a well known body builder and gym owner, and now he was more than 330lbs at 5’7. Seeing my dad like this pained me and I knew that I wanted to help him and others like him change their lives and get healthy the right way. When I graduated from Washington State University I decided to start fresh and begin to live the life that I had always dreamed of having, one that left me feeling energized, healthy, and free of stress.  No more calorie counting, no more crazy diets, no more 2 hour gym sessions, I wanted to create a LIFESTYLE that would help me to become the best version of myself.  When I lost my father in June of 2013 my whole world was rocked, I thought that my life would never be full again. I now use my loss to motivate and fuel me to help others from facing the same struggles as my dad. I know I can help YOU and the rest of the world lead healthy, happy lives. I didn’t get a chance to save my fathers life but I know that I can make a change in YOURS.


My Transformation