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How I Got Started

The initial thing that pushed me into becoming a health coach was how unhappy my corporate job made me. Every day I went into work dreading it, the idea of having to put a majority of my time and energy into something that ultimately didn’t make me happy killed me inside. It was when my job started affecting other areas of my life that I decided I needed to make a change.

I brainstormed about what made me happiest, I have always loved everything about health and wellness and learning about the affect of food on our bodies so I decided to start looking for a “holistic” school where I could learn how to help people change their lives; that’s when I found The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

For the next year I worked and went to school, and after 6 months of training I started taking on clients. At this point I still wasn’t sure if I could make this a career, (I was taking a few free clients but nothing too substantial).

A month into my coaching I got news that rocked my world, my dad had passed away. My father battled weight issues for most of his life, he was constantly crashing and binging, completely controlled by his addiction to food. He became obese, suffered from heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure. His addiction to food made him depressed and ultimately was the cause of his death. After my dad’s passing I vowed to dedicate my life to helping prevent as many people as possible from suffering the same fate as him.

So I began to take my business serious and dedicated all my time to making it grow. I went from 5 clients to 32 clients in a matter of 4 months, and this number is has been growing exponentially ever since! I never would have thought I could start my own business doing something I love but I have found anything is possible if you continue to persevere.

My Eating Habits:

My daily diet consists of highly nutritious whole foods. I make sure to eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and lean proteins every day. I don’t count calories and I don’t count macros. I focus on eating foods that are highly nutrient dense, I’m more worried about “did I give my body enough vitamins and minerals today?” versus “did I eat too much?”.

What a typical day of eating looks like for me:

Pre-workout Smoothie:
1/2 c coconut water, 1/2 c aloe juice
1/2 c frozen blueberries, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 tbsp coconut oil (cold pressed), 1/2 cucumber
1/2 banana, 1 cup spinach
1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp of each philosophie superfood powder (
1/2 tbsp almond butter, 1/2 tbsp organic raw honey

Breakfast: omelet
2 organic cage free eggs (cooked in coconut oil), lots of veggies!

Afternoon Snack: raw unsalted almonds and cashews

Spinach salad with lots of veggies, organic sprouted tofu, 1/3 c quinoa, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, topped with some seeds (hemp or sunflower)

Baked maple salmon (with organic grade B maple syrup) roasted asparagus (with sea salt and coconut oil) 1/2 sweet potato (with sea salt and sometimes a little ghee)

After Dinner Snack: carrots and hummus

Liquids: 8 glasses of water, Kombucha tea

My workout schedule:
I workout 5 days a week, usually between an hour to an hour 15 min. My schedule is usually as follows:

Mon: Legs
Tues: Back and Bis
Weds: Tris and Shoulders
Thurs: Legs
Fri: Plyos/Core
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

You don’t have to restrict yourself and be unhappy in order to see results, it’s all about focusing on your health. Instead of obsessing over your waistline start eating for wellness, start working out because of the health benefits, and start thinking positively. Changing your mindset makes all the difference in seeing long lasting changes. The looking great thing is just an added bonus 😉IMG_4952

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  1. You’re awesome bridgette! I’ve loved to watch this all unfold for you!

    Comment by Bailey Dilkey — September 24, 2014 @ 4:35 pm

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