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How to Have the Best Week Ever

Having a lazy Sunday may be tempting but that usually results in a not so great Monday.  If you just complete a few of these easy tasks I promise that your week will be a whole lot better – it’s all about the preparation.

large-11. Clean Out Your Fridge: anything that is going bad or looks questionable throw it out – start your week fresh and clean.


2.  Write out a Meal Plan: It’s a lot easier to make healthy choices when you know what you’ve got planned out to eat.  Write a plan – make your grocery list and get ready to execute it.  Pick out at least 1 crockpot meal and plan on having some green smoothies.




3.  Head to the Grocery Store: get your shopping out of the way early so you can start prepping your meals by mid-afternoon.



4. Chop up your veggies as soon as you get home.  If you don’t those vegetables will probably sit and the drawer of your fridge and go rotten by the end of the week – fight the urge to curl back up on your couch and get to chopping.



5. Throw something in the crockpot.  Meal prep doesn’t need to be some complicated all day ordeal, keep it simple and choose easy, delicious recipes.  One of my favorite crockpot recipes is my vegan taco soup – recipe can be found here.



6. Prep all your green smoothies as once.  It’s a pain in the butt to have to pull out your blender and wash it every single day – instead make all your smoothies and throw them in the freezer.  Just pull them out 2 days before you plan on drinking them to allow them time to thaw and enjoy!  Build your own smoothie recipe with my help here



7. Prep your breakfast for mon-fri.  It’s easy to just skip breakfast all together and just snag a cup of coffee but your body NEEDS fuel in the morning to get your metabolism moving and your energy levels up.  Pre-cook some quinoa and eat some quinoa oatmeal throughout the week, make egg muffins and freeze for later, or make a big batch of protein pancakes (check out my own recipe here).



8. Set out your vitamins.  It’s easy to forget to take your daily vitamins – make it simple by putting out your 7 day’s worth at once, I use an egg carton to separate each days vitamins and I store it in my fridge to keep them fresh, this makes it super easy for me to swallow them down first thing in the morning with my breakfast.



9.  Write out your Monday To-Do List.  Make a plan for how you are going to accomplish everything, what time will you wake up, when you will you hit the gym, etc.  Make appointments with yourself to keep things simple and easily achievable.



10. Pick out your outfits for the week.  Check out the weather and pre-pick out your week’s clothing, this way you don’t waste 20 min in the morning searching for something to wear.


11.  Pack your gym bag.  If you have your gym bag ready to go with your clothes, pre-workout and post workout snacks and a nice big water bottle you are more likely to get in that gym session.  Set yourself up for success and cut the excuses.



12. Put away your laundry.  Having a messy house can really F*%K with your mind, there is something about having a pile of laundry that needs to be put away that creates a lot of unnecessary stress, keep your mind healthy and happy and clear the clutter.


13. Take some time for self care. With all the hard work you are putting in today, it’s important that you still take some YOU time to recharge your batteries.  So take a bath, put on a face mask or take 15 min to light a candle and meditate.



14. Prep a big water bottle with some squeezed lemon to grab and go tomorrow morning.  There are so many benefits to having lemon water first thing when you wake up but its easy to forget the importance of water intake once Monday morning rolls round.  Prepare yourself with a grab and go bottle and you will be far more likely to get in those 8 glasses.


15. Pick out a motivational mantra for the week.  It’s easy to lose motivation mid-week once life starts to get more hectic, keep your inspiration going all week with a mantra. Set it as the background on your phone so that every time you start to lose steam you can use it as a reminder as to why you embarked on your journey to better health in the first place.



16.  Set an alarm for when you need to start powering down for bed.  Give yourself 30 min before your bed time to get yourself prepped – time to wash your face, brush your teeth and climb into you PJ’s, this way you don’t eat into your precious sleeping time.


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